Nostos Official Website_Nostos_Netease. An open world VR multiplayer online game<

Nostos was developed by NetEase and is the first VR multiplayer online game set in an open world environment. In this game, you will be placed on Nostos, a new world with artwork reminiscent of Oriental animations. Together with your friends, you will explore, fight, build and save the world. With a unique natural environment, unseen meteorological phenomena, post-apocalyptic clothing and realistic combat, Nostos will give you a surprising experience that is fully immersive.

Nostos Official Website_Nostos_Netease. An open world VR multiplayer online game

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Immerse Into The World

Vivid, open exploration survival game for PC&VR.

In the distant future,
the earth's ecology is no longer suitable for human survival
due to the war and ocean excessive development.
The humans place the hope to "Nostos",the satellite in the wreckage of the earth.
They abandoned bodies and uploaded consciousness to preserve humanity.

We, a small portion of mankind were unwilling to become the unified consciousness
have secretly boarded Nostos and became the "Pioneer".
We explore this charming while danger world to survive,
and start to find the truth hidden by time.

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I stopped to watch the wild animals frolic around, stood quietly under the moonlight to empty my mind, and immersed myself in the beautiful scenery around me. This is a lonely world that is filled with vitality. What story would you write for yourself in such a world?


A highly realistic open world adventure with beautiful graphics and novel gameplay!


I greatly anticipate the official release of Nostos and am very eager to make good memories in this world with my friends.


An idealistic attempt to create a real VR game!


A trinity of construction, survival and exploration! Nostos has an unforgettable animation style and moving music. Its design around quests and the ecological chain creates many possibilities for the game.

Dynamic open world

10km * 10km seamlessly connected open world with complete animal and plant ecological chains.

Autonomous and humanlike NPCs

NPCs have their own feelings and plots, and you can recruit people,
build houses and research technology to defend yourself against enemies.

Oriental animation & immersive audiovisual

Kevin Penkins, the producer of "Made in Abyss", and Emi Evans,
the singer of "NieR: Automata" collaborate to create themed music for the game.

Apocalyptic science fiction pioneer plot

Working together with Future Affairs Administration
to recreate this story about future human survival in an apocalyptic world.

Dynamic open world

Autonomous and humanlike NPCs

Oriental animation & immersive audiovisual

Apocalyptic science fiction pioneer plot

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  • 低于Intel Core i5-4590或FX-8350
  • Intel Core i5-4590或FX-8350 相近性能
  • Intel Core i7或锐龙3/5 相近性能
  • Intel Core i9或锐龙7/9 相近性能
  • 其它
  • 6G RAM 及以下
  • 8G RAM
  • 16G RAM 及以上
  • GTX 1050或 R9 370X 以下
  • GTX 1060或 RX 480 相近显卡
  • GTX 1080或 RTX 2070 及以上


  • 爱奇艺VR
  • 三星Gear VR
  • 小米VR
  • 暴风魔镜
  • Oculus Rift(/Rifts)
  • PS VR
  • HTC Vive(Cosmos/Pro/Focus...)
  • 小派VR
  • 其它
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